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Frequently Asked Questions


1) What is

AppConvertly is an online service that converts your website into mobile app for iOS or Android in less than 24 hours. No coding required on your side, we will do everything so you receive an app ready to use. No need to waste your time on some free app builders, if you have a good website - just create an app based on it.


2) What do I need to create my app?

You just need to send us your website URL, App Name and Logo. Our web2app technology will do the rest and create an app from your website.

3) When will my application be ready?

It takes us less than 24 hours to build your application. We've made more than 500 apps so far, so our app has no bugs. If something will not work properly - we will change the app or offer a refund.

4) How will I receive my application?

Your app will be delivered to you via email.

5) How will my application look?

Your app will look exactly as your website on mobile devices, but without browser interface. Please note that it is better if your website is mobile responsive for better UX. We will add a welcome screen and some other native functions. 

6) How do app updates work?

You don't need to update your application. Every change you make on your website reflects on the app, you don't need to convert it again. So you pay only one time to convert a website into app.

7) Payments

You only have to pay once to convert one website. There are no monthly or yearly fees. Please note that we do not provide refunds after we have created and sent the app to you by email. 30-days Refund Policy applies only if you find some errors in our app which we can't fix. App publication is a non-refundable service.

8) Do you provide push notifications?

Yes, your app will support push notifications for iOS and Android.


9) Can I publish the app on the AppStore and GooglePlay?

Yes, once you receive your application, you can publish it in any app store. We will provide the documentation and also video tutorials step by step. It is easy, you will be able to publish the app in 15 minutes. We also can publish your app for you as an extra service. In case you need any help - our team is able to assist you anytime.

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